Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ravers CJ - My pages for my CJ

And here are my pages for my cj - I wanted to practice my newly learned mixed media skills so did a collage:

I am so looking forward to working on everyone else's CJ - this is a bit different, we only post the pages to save cost!! 

Ravers CJ is ready to go!

Another attempt to revive my blog!  The Raver CJ starts at the end of the month.  The CJ is all made using Teresa Collins fabulous Vintage Finds collection which has a lovely vintage feel and suits my theme of "Words" perfectly.

This is my cover:

And the inside cover and introduction pages:

Its a fairly open theme - a word or a phrase or a quote that means something to the teamie doing the entry:

Here are the sign in pages at the back - I have asked everyone to make something (like a tag) that represents them:

I am quite pleased with the cj format - the pages are 7*5 by the way.