Friday, 26 July 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

My lovely friend Suzy (Sea Glass and Sand) has been doing this for a while now and I think its a great idea - and you never know it might spur me on to blog at least once a week.  Suzy is following this wonderful idea from Virginia

Its too easy to dwell on the negatives in life, isn't it?    So what am I thankful for this week? 

Well, I have fabulous memories of our lovely relaxing family holiday in Naples & Miami in Florida which we got back from last week.  The photos are printed and the scrapping has commenced.

Then , there is my lovely garden and the lovely weather that we returned to.  And not to forget our brilliant neighbours who watered the plants when we were away.

And Beth and I went to the East Kilbride Crop last Saturday and we are thankful for the lovely friends we have there.  Beth as usual was very productive, I produced one Lo and drank lots of tea and did lots of chatting.
I hope Suzy liked her little goody bag from the US.  And I guess I should be thankful for the inroduction to neocolours, inktense pencils and Art, Doodle , Love - though my purse may not be!  Photos of masterpieces to follow.

Work has been hectic since I got back at the helm on Monday but I do like my job and have enjoyed the week. I am part of a great team!    We went climbing trees and swinging from zip slides at Go Ape. I loved the day but didnt complete the course - but the 480m zipslide above the trees and waterfall with gorgeous views over Aberfoyle's gorgeous country side.  See if you can spot me on the photo!

I am also grateful to have read another two excellent books this week.  I have read The Secrets of the Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore and The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman.  I have also chatted to my favourite authors on twitter.

And finally, I am grateful that the bit of a health scare that I had has been cleared up.  I had a recall after my mammogram and I was quite worried.  After a couple of worrying hours at the clinic this morning, all was sorted and there are no issues.  I am very grateful for the kindness of the staff at the West of Scotland Breast Screening Centre in Glasgow.

I hope this is ok for my first go - any comments welcomed!!!


Virginia said...

That's an awesome list of gratefuls for your first week. Glad the health scare has been resolved for you, things like that play on our finds. Loving the fact you've just got back off a holiday and have photos to scrap, my supplies are getting a bit thin on the photo front so hoping this next week will produce lots of new scrapping when I get back. Fabulous neighbours keeping an eye on the garden, team building days out - or I assume that's what it was or do you spend every day at Go Ape? That would be a pretty cool job if I'm honest - although not for me I don't do heights! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


MiniOwner said...

Oh Jenny that was scary! I'm so happy for you that the mammogram was OK in the end.
Sue x

Natasha said...

Wow! Fantastic list of rocking moments in your week. Glad the health scare was resolved.

Your holiday sounds fabulous, and I love good neighbours, one can feel very blessed with good neighbours I think.

Sounds like a fabulous team building day out, though I would have struggled with the heights, possibly I would have done it still, just maybe not that quietly. :)

Wishing you a fantastic weekend. :)

Suzy said...

Yay!! so glad you joined in with this I really love taking part.

Yes the goody bag was fab and I cant wait to use the bits and bobs

Art Doodle Love, neocolours and coloursoft and inktense - guilty as charged but you know you love them

You have no idea how happy I am the mammogram was all clear

Suzy xx

Chidkid said...

Sounds like a fab week! I've blogged RYWF too.. when you sit back annd actually think about it.. we have a lot to be thankful for.. none more so than good health!

misteejay said...

Great list of positives - sounds like you have had a super week.

Hope you have a great week ahead.

Toni xx

Carmen said...

I totally credit Rocking Friday for reprogramming the way I think. Hope we see more of you, this was a fabulous post :-)

Go Ape eh? Braver than me, being a big girl I'm scared I'd break a wire or something and go splat! The zip wire at our local park when no-one's looking is about my limit :D

Excellent news on the health call back. That must have been such a relief!

Have a great week Jenny :-)

Lesley G said...

I'm a new Rockette too!! Great post - it seems we have lots in common, I'm off to Miami and Naples next Friday - any tips? Glad your recall went well :)

Suzy said...

I was sure I had left a comment earlier but then I did have a rather dodgy signal at the caravan

Well done on joining in, I just love doing this every Friday - even on a bad week I always find at least one thing to be grateful for.

I loved all the bits in the goody bag and am glad you ordered Art, Doodle, Love. You will soon be as addicted to the neocolours as I am - they are so easy to slip in my bag when Im going to the caravan

Looking forward to lunch on Friday and a mooch round Millers arty section

Suzy xx