Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rocking Your World Friday (9 August 2013)

A little bit late this week!, but I so wanted to join in another Rocking Your World Friday post. Here is what its all about -  hop over to Virginia's place for a look.  Its a time to reflect and look at the good things that happened during the past week rather than dwelling on the negative.

Well, this was a very good week as Beth got her exam results which were very good indeed.  I am, of course, a very proud Mum, but most of all I am pleased that she has been rewarded for all her hard work!  Her Dad also deserves a pat on the back as he was the one that organised all her revision and kept her calm during the exams while I was at work.

I am also grateful to my lovely friend , Cath, who sent Beth some very beautiful and grown up flowers to say well done!

And for all my other friends and family who were so pleased for her!  It really was a lovely week.

I joined Slimming World last week and was pleased to lose 3.5 lbs in my first week.  I am grateful to Anne-Marie, the leader, and the other members of the class for encouragement and tips.  Also, my friend and UKS teamie, Heather, for her advice!

I am thoroughly enjoying eating healthily and cannot believe that this wonderful orange and chocolate mullerlight yoghurt is syn free!

I have re-discovered the delights of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries - all super foods!
 And I am grateful for not feeling like I am a diet while eating a big plateful. Today's lunch was particularly colourful!

And finally, I am always grateful that I live in a house with a beautiful view.  This was the view at twilight last Sunday.

See you next week!


Virginia said...

Oh what a gorgeous view you have very envious!

Well done on the exam results and beautiful flowers as well for her, I've read a few blogs today that have talked about exam results!

Hope your weekend is full of positives and your week ahead is blessed.


Suzy said...

Well done again to Beth , she so deserved t as she worked really hard, those flowers are beautiful. Well done on sticking to.the diet, your lunch looks gorgeous.

I envy your view and you always get such fab sunset pics xx